Keeping happy employees is a challenge all companies face and let’s be honest you cannot win them all over. You can however better manage this process, here are 6 ways we at RRZ Innovations encourage employee happiness.

1. Get Passionate Individuals

We start this process during the interview stage already because we believe people who are doing what they truly want to do are happy & positive minds to add to the RRZ family. Our hiring methodology strongly hinges on one of our core company beliefs which is passion and talent surpass a formal education, this is because passionate individuals love what they do. To have the education is great and definitely helps in the job market but are they really passionate about what they do? Sure, they will get their work done sufficiently because they have the skills but will they grow their skills and pursue more skills in their profession or necessarily be a happy employee.

2. Happy Employees & Growth Paths

Do you know what your employees’ future goals are in the company and are you allowing them the correct opportunities to grow into these future roles? We believe that when hiring someone it is always a good idea to know what your employees’ goals are so you know whether they are a fit. Allowing them opportunities to grow their skills toward their future goals goes a long way because not only do you grow their skills but also show them you know and understand their goals.

3. Be Flexible

Encourage employees to pursue their personal life goals because all work and no fun will burn out your best employees. Well balanced lives make for happy employees and by achieving personal outside goals too they become more accomplished.

4. Small Gestures

We like to do small gestures to encourage team bonding, socializing and moral at RRZ Innovations. You do not need to break the bank either to show your appreciation to your team for the hours of dedicated work and great jobs all round. Something as small and simple as getting a few pizzas for your hungry guys goes a long way and builds happy employees.

5. Acknowledge Effort

Do you keep your team involved and aware of their contribution to the bigger picture and product. Keeping them informed, acknowledging their achievements and work toward the project is always good practice. People want to feel acknowledged and feel part of the overall product success no matter how small the contribution to the overall product, be sure to not diminish the contributor’s efforts based on the size of their contribution.

6. Win as a Team, Lose as a Team.

Okay so this point is a bit tricky but it works for us, upon hiring we drive the attitude of win as a team lose as a team. What do we mean when we say this? The team is a team for a reason, they are there to all perform specific roles to achieve a common goal.

If a team mate is struggling with a specific task then they should seek assistance from supporting team members to resolve the issue. Therefore, we hold teams to this phrase. It encourages deeper collaboration and support among teams.  It also allows for shared accountability for the project and ultimately a genuine feeling of camaraderie when sharing in the spoils.