Our website has a new look.

If you have visited the RRZ Innovations website recently then you would have noticed something different. We decided an early spring clean was in order as a lot has changed since our first website made its way onto the web. We needed to recapture  the good, the geeky and quirky nature of the RRZ team members who roam these offices.

Zahed Rassool founder and leader of RRZ Innovations particularly had to take a moment of silence for the previous website to pay respect for all its years of hard work. We have caught him from time to time reminiscing with the old website about the good times they had.

So gather a raiding party and go check out our new website.

The RRZ Arrows

On your raid you would have noticed we have taken the arrows of the RRZ brand you have come to know and trust and given them a makeover.  Whilst Zahed is always ready for change and is quite hip for his age, he seems to still be in mourning for the old logo so please treat it as a sensitive topic should you meet him.