A virus trend that is costing the world millions of dollars, Ransomware

What is Ransomware

Ransomware is a type of virus that encrypts files on your computer system and then asks you to pay a fee to get access to them again.

What makes these types of viruses so dangerous is that they get onto your system and then wait for a period before taking action.  That way it has the opportunity to attack as many files as possible.

Can you prevent Ransomware

Simply put, yes you can prevent it, however, the complicated truth about ransomware is that hundreds of thousands of different iterations are released everyday which makes it very difficult to prevent.

Your best method of protection is to make numerous backups of your important data and ensure you aren’t opening any suspicious files.

Will paying the criminals get me access to my data again

In most cases, yes.  However, there have been numerous reported cases where people paid the cyber criminals but never managed to get access to their data again.

Why is Ransomware so successful

The truth of the matter is that ransomware has become a form of business.  Cyber criminals believe it is worth their time and efforts to release hundreds of different versions of their virus in an attempt to get only a small percentage of their victim-base to “pay the ransom”.

The sad truth is that it is working and it has become profitable. The cyber criminals are actually even starting to become considerate, they want their systems to be as user friendly as possible to their victim-base to ensure a higher purchase rate.  Some ransomware has even gone as far as offering you a trial, where you can get access to a certain portion of your data held hostage to prove that its worth the purchase.

Welcome to the 21st century where most of your precious items are no longer in your home, instead they are on your phone, laptop or computer.  Start thinking what your data is worth to you, you may be put in a situation where your data is held hostage, the question is, are you prepared to pay the ransom?