We caught up with RRZ Innovations managing director Zahed Rassool to ask him his thoughts on what he considers taboo and sacred in company culture.

Company culture is not that difficult to get right when everyone knows their roles and you already have strong values and a good vision.  It is important to understand that you are working with people and management is exactly that, you manage people & everyone is different.


  • Failing on service levels.
  • Inferior quality products, we have a saying that we use whenever someone does something that we deem inferior. We normally remind them that we are not the computer shop around the corner.
  • Disruptive behavior,  all companies have a different understanding of this.
  • Having a vast range of clients you run the risk of treating one client as “smaller” or “less important” than others.

Sacred (this is actually our vision and values)

  • At RRZ Innovations we strongly believe in creating a world that is simple and accessible by disrupting the perceived limitations that exist.
  • We strive to be part of the solution and stimulate innovation by cross-pollinating great minds towards common goals.
  • At RRZ we believe in peoples’ raw ability over education.
  • Circumstances do not dictate who we are and we uphold ourselves with high integrity.
  • We are honest and transparent enough to admit when we are wrong but courageous enough to change.
  • Our team members live by the mantra “win as a team and we lose as a team”.
  • Whilst we are creators, innovators and awesome developers, we are still fun, quirky nerds changing the world by settling for nothing less than extraordinary!

We are now employing a casual culture at RRZ, staff really enjoy that work is a comfortable innovative environment where you can express yourself and really do things that matter.