So, we mentioned in our previous article about simple ways to keep your private information safe. So, in light of this theme, we thought we would chat about your web browser. Have you ever taken the time to think about what information a website can gain from you via your web browser?

It is important to understand that as soon as you enter the web you begin to leave a data breadcrumb trail which when accessed correctly can reveal a lot of information about you.

If asked for additional information your browser can reveal a few things about you just by using some JavaScript as the method to gain this information. Javascript is a type of programming language used for the web.

  • Your browser could fairly accurately work out your location.
  • A browser can determine what website you were on before landing on the current page.
  • When you opened a private browsing window.
  • Where your mouse is hovering on the screen.
  • Battery percentage of your device while you are browsing a site.
  • A browser could check your device for specific installed software, a use case for this is when the when the website you entering may require a specific app to be installed to make use of a feature on the website.
  • What hardware you are using while visiting the website.

Although we have just mentioned a few above, there are many more items that can be worked out while you browse. You can only protect your privacy and data when you decide to make the choice to become informed about these topics.